• Tree Care and Management

    Throughout Norfolk

    Anglian Tree works offers Tree Surgery through out North Norfolk and further afield.  

    All work is carried out by Fully trained and certified Staff .


    Our clients include Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Constabulary, and many of the larger private estates in Norfolk


    Since 2001 we have been offering Tree Surgery and Forestry Services in Norfolk and surrounding areas, The business started In Wells Next the sea but operate in many towns such as Norwich, Fakenham, Kings Lynn, Dereham and beyond.


    We are proud to be approved tree work Tree work contractors by Norfolk county council 

    This involved a vetting process being assessed on quality of work and showing we adhere to industry standards.



  • Tree Surgery Services

    From Tree Removals to Managing trees with Preservation orders, we've got it covered.

    Removal of the whole tree by climbing and dismantling, or precision felling the tree as a whole.


    we explore the options of the felling and carry out the necessary work to do this safely and effectively.


    Prior to removal we carry out the necessary checks such 


    * Trees covered by a TPO


    * Trees covered under Town and country Conservation Act 


    * Needing a felling licence for the removal of multiple trees


    * Wildlife checks for protected species and nesting birds.


    All paper work and applications are filled out by ourselves or we can help assist and provide you with information on filling out the Applications for tree work. 



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    Carried out to the British standard of tree works (BS3998). we carry out Ariel pruning by instructing climbers to prune high up in the canopy of the tree or pruning from the ground.


    Below is an examples of pruning methods we carry out.


    * Crown Reduction (Overall reducing of the trees canopy)


    * Crown Lifting (lifting the lower branches of the canopy)


    *Crow Thinning( Remove selective growth from within the crown) 


    * Pollarding( Pruning to around 2.5meters as a knuckle)


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    On call for an instant response, we are open all hours to help assist with tree emergencies throughout Norfolk contact us for 24hr tree services.

    We are qualified in carrying out tree surveys.

    we can asses the tree or trees on your property and carry out a tree management plan.


    we can also carry out BS5837 tree surveys in relation to building works.  

    we carry out work in conservation areas in Norfolk. we carry out all the relevant paper work with Norfolk parish and county council in order to work on such trees.

    A method of Managing the canopy of the tree. This is Ariel pruning a reducing the overall shape of the crown.

    Involves lifting the lower branches of the tree to maintain a tidy crown.

    The removal of dense growth internally present inside the crown of the tree.

    Old method to harvest timber from the base of a tree.

    An old English method of pruning which requires annual work and management.

    Trees are some times protected individual via a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) we comply with the process of working on such trees.

    we help you adhere to the code of conduct set out by Norfolk county council and work closely with them and local parish council,

    Forestry Tree work contracting

    we carry out forestry work throughout out Norfolk. We are well equipped to carry out woodland works of all sizes. contact us further for your forestry needs.

    Stump grinding

    we have specialist equipment to remove your stumps. call to discuss further

  • Supplies

    Available in half or full loads, please contact us further for prices, soft wood loads available, hard wood loads or mixed loads.

    In different qualities are depending on the application full or half loads can be delivered. call to discuss further.

    Wether its new hedges to be planted or individual trees , or a new woodland we have an abundance of experience to set things off to a good start.

    We carry out a range of different style of fencing. weather it be a dead hedge, close board fence, or livestock fencing.

  • Location

    Based in Norfolk and covering Wells next the sea, Norwich, Dereham, Fakenham, Kings Lynn, Holt, Burnham Market and many more places around Norfolk and The Norfolk Coast

  • Contact Us

    01263 502549 / 07539341166

    1 The Croft, Swanton Novers, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR24 2QU
    Monday - Friday 8 am - 6pm
    24 call out emergency
    01263 502549 / 07539 341166
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